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(Future Projects)


The feature-length screenplay of Fated (based on the short film) expands the fascinating world of the Fate Management Agency, the omnipresent workplace of the agents of fate. The film follows Joe, a disenchanted agent, who is forced to travel to Earth to confront his obnoxious, futureless client. But what he discovers down there will make him question everything he knows.


Our feature spec Fender Bender is a character-driven road dramedy (watch the sizzle reel here). When an isolated, career-focused lawyer accepts a ride across country from the quirky kid who rear-ended her, it sends them on the road to an unlikely friendship — until she discovers he fender benders people to meet them. With equal parts humor and heart, Fender Bender is Planes, Trains and Automobiles for the modern era with two broken people connecting in the most unusual way. The script won 2nd Place in Stage32’s Screenplay competition, was a semifinalist in the Screencraft Fellowship, and was a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

Adjective Pictures is also developing Behind The Scenes, an original comedy pilot that is The Office meets Entourage. At a struggling behind-the-scenes entertainment company, the misfit employees must balance the demands of eccentric movie stars, high-profile filmmakers, and their clients at the studios, all while maintaining their own creative spark.


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