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The Faceless Man - Reviews!

The Faceless Man has been getting some great press lately and we wanted to share some of the highlights:

An excerpt from a review - full link below

"High praise must go to O’Leary, as The Faceless Man, for conveying mounting fear and confusion, followed by realisation and personal growth, all without the use of his actual face. It’s a masterful piece of acting that must have been both uncomfortable and challenging.

Speaking of challenging, one must also be impressed by the sheer technical accomplishment on show. To have the lead actor wearing a mirror on his face throughout must have posed a few difficulties to say the least! One almost feels that director Foley and cinematographer Will Myers have pulled off a magic trick."

-Screen Mayhem, full article:

"...a surprisingly heart-warming tale about our inner potential to help others."

-Ain't It Cool News, full article:

" the Twilight Zone, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. A great modern-day fable and a clever and creative piece of filmmaking.", full article:

We're excited to see that The Faceless Man is resonating with audiences and critics alike.

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